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October 17, 2011

We love this look: Tracee Eliis Ross

by EkiuwaJ

As the celebrities prepare for the annual Black Girl Rocks event, many looks grace the red carpet and one that caught our eye was Tracee Ellis Ross. One word, stunning. She truly wore that dress well, the all white and fitted dress is something not every woman could pull off. There were many women that looked great, but Tracee did it BEST.

Would you agree?

photo credit:

October 13, 2011

Item of The Week: The Long Skirt + Many ways to wear it

by EkiuwaJ

The Rocker, The Lady, and the Boho look with the same exact skirt. A Classic piece dressed with three different looks, we love it. This Zara Classic is appropriate for just about any season. This Long Skirt is our item of the week its chic, classic and fun!

“Its a good point for me That Can Have the Same garment differents lifes, because I always try and Avoid making the Same combinations, This is the MOST important point to multiply your wardrobe’s Possibilities.” – MyShowRoomBlog

October 8, 2011

His Navy Blue Collar is way BETTER…

by EkiuwaJ

Every have those days where you just feel like you someone else’s clothes feels/looks better than your own yes? Well today was certainly that day for me. I searched and searched my closet for the perfect item, but his shirts seemed a bit more fitting for the occasion. Today is a date night and I love to be cute and comfortable. Ladies its so fun to play in your Husband/Boyfriend’s clothes. My Husband shops at all places from H&M, Armani Exchange, Ralph Lauren, Heritage 1981 etc. His clothes are always so classic and straight to the point. Thanks Hub-a-Bub!

Top- H&M

Rope Belt- Target

Levi Jeans-Levis Store

Chucks-Journey’s Store

October 7, 2011

Style: Get This Look for Less at H&M

by EkiuwaJ

Lace always gave me this vintage feel that I completely love, but what if I told you that you can look like your favorite celebrity but at a MUCH lower price? You’d believe me? GREAT, so H&M has this 100% Organic Cotton(Love) and only retailed at $79.95. I know right, awesome pricing! That’s why we love H&M! Rachel Bilson was spotted on the streets of NYC in Laced dress from the Suno collection.

These two look are similar, but at different prices! Do we just love LOW prices.

October 6, 2011

Basically Thursday

by EkiuwaJ

A Very Simple Look that I had so much fun with, one cannot go wrong with Basic Black Blazer;) An Item that can be pieced with just about anything, well today I decided to piece it with White V-Neck and Skinny Jeans. It was comfy, and simple. You gotta love Target for the staple pieces and their GREAT prices, I’m satisfied.

Basic Blazer: Target

V-Neck: Target $8

Jeans: Target $27.99

October 5, 2011

Hair: Messy Bun-Bun Day

by EkiuwaJ

Ever have one of those days where you style your hair the night before and the next day it looks nothing like it did before yes? Well yeah, this morning I had one of those moments… Yeesh! So I remembered a video my sister once showed me of a girl on YouTube pinning her hair up in a messy bun. So I decided to give it a try, and needless to say it was a success. I was telling my Husband that I feel like such a baby-doll! He was pretty much in agreement with me!

October 3, 2011

Would You Rock? MSGM Neon Dress from the Cruise Collection

by EkiuwaJ

Chiara, from The Blonde Salad Blog, pulled off neon like I’ve never seen before. It was tasteful, it was chic, and it was so classic. While attending the fashion shows in Paris, Chiara took a few photos in her MSGM Neon Dress from the Cruise Collection. She’s brave, simply because its fall and I always try to steer for more neutral like colors, but she pieced this dress with such classic accessories that you almost forgot about the color!

Chiara was headed to the Dior and Vivienne Westwood gold label fashion-shows.

Would you rock it?

She Wore:

MSGM NEON DRESS (from the Cruise collection)

Photos: The Blonde Salad
October 3, 2011

Interview Monday: Little Black Dress, you can’t go wrong!

by EkiuwaJ

When preparing for an interview there’s always that moment of “What Should I wear?” if its an office job, its STRICTLY Business Casual, but what if the interview is for more of a style forward interview? Where you  HAVE to “dress the part” to get the job. So its more about your style, your presence, and how much of in the KNOW you are. So I thought what better than a little black dress, vintage floral scarf, skinny brown belt, and flats(this I was kind of unsure of) I kept going back and forth in my head, heels or flats…heels or flats. And then of course I choose flats. Which wasn’t such a bad choice.

Dress: Target $24.99

Skinny Belt: H&M (3 for $12.49)

Vintage Inspired Floral Scarf: Target $12.99

Flats: DSW

October 2, 2011

Casual Sunday

by EkiuwaJ

I’m always inspired by a casual look, simplistic, you know without effort. I’m really into neutrals, soft colors, nothing too loud or anything neon. You know those staple pieces and colors that can be worn with just about anything or at anytime. This Sunday morning, I was inspired by Shirley B, she’s always so effortless, and that inspired me today.