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December 2, 2010

Fashion: Her designs are rooted in her Caribbean Roots |Amore By Tina E

by EkiuwaJ

Tina B designs are vintage inspired, eclectic, and utterly dramatic, but we love it all. The young Californian designer has a keen eye for what’s trendy and haute and every inch of the each  design fits so amazingly on a woman’s  body. From the form-fitting dresses, to the bodysuits, and the Geometric Cropped Jacket they’re all timeless pieces that can be worn today, tomorrow and/or 5-10 years from now and still be in the “KNOW“…

Words from, “Amore by Tina B draws inspiration from our past to create new and innovative pieces that willinspire the everyday women.  The collection consists of urban, trendy and classic looks for every style personalities.”

A woman NOT only wants to look GOOD, but feel good and Amore by Tina B does just that. So why not buy a piece or two, you’ll love and even your favorite girlfriend as well. Spread the word, Amore by Tina B is here to make every woman feel BEAUTIFUL.

Head over to to see more from Tina B’s amazing collection, and to find out more about the designer.

October 8, 2010

Teyana Taylor: BEAT Face, Hair FAB, and Ensemble is so in the NOW

by EkiuwaJ

FENDI Boutique opening and we have one of out ULTIMATE Favorites on the BLACK carpet, rapper, singer, choreographer and dancer Teyana Taylor. She’s so sick with it all, over the knee Report Steinway boot retailed at $525.95, we love it! That dope Screen tee, we will have the desinger for you guys really soon, I live for DOPE screen tees! Teyana the look, we LOVE.

Rememeber Teyana doesn’t NEED the stamp of approval, she is the the APPROVAL!

FENDI Boutique opening hosted by Chloe Sevigny at FENDI Beverly Center Boutique on October 7, 2010 in Los Angeles, California.

Sexy, with a hint of Edge.

August 31, 2010

Spotted|Sanaa Lathan: We Love how you keep it Classic and Simple

by EkiuwaJ

Yes, we’re loving this. She’s the kind of girl that will keep it Classic and it’ll look just RIGHT, she’s not a TRENDY kind of girl. She just goes with the flow. Trends will come and go, but being CLASSIC last forever!

I love this!

August 29, 2010

Fashion|In a Perfect world there is no such thing as Winter, but until then there’s California

by EkiuwaJ

Seasons, eh? In our little perfect world there’s no SUCH thing as seasons…5…4…3..2…1! Okay now BACK to reality! Who wouldn’t want to wear shorts, crop tops, V-necks and FAB dresses all year long?

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