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October 3, 2011

Interview Monday: Little Black Dress, you can’t go wrong!

by EkiuwaJ

When preparing for an interview there’s always that moment of “What Should I wear?” if its an office job, its STRICTLY Business Casual, but what if the interview is for more of a style forward interview? Where you  HAVE to “dress the part” to get the job. So its more about your style, your presence, and how much of in the KNOW you are. So I thought what better than a little black dress, vintage floral scarf, skinny brown belt, and flats(this I was kind of unsure of) I kept going back and forth in my head, heels or flats…heels or flats. And then of course I choose flats. Which wasn’t such a bad choice.

Dress: Target $24.99

Skinny Belt: H&M (3 for $12.49)

Vintage Inspired Floral Scarf: Target $12.99

Flats: DSW

October 20, 2010

Fashion Bloggers Interview by Leeeamor: Meet Kwame & Naomi of The Yacht Club

by Leeeamor

Co-Write Leeeamor had the honoring of interviewing GREAT Bloggers from The Yacht Club Blog, here’s there take on blogging and how they got started, their favorite features and what to expect from them in the near future!

1. So Introduce yourselves, let people know who and where you are from?

Kwame White aka Kwame Hilfiger, 19, The Big Apple
Naomi Accardi, 19, Italy born & raised, recently moved to LA

2.So when did you guys get into blogging?

K: The blog started out as more of a dream, it was called Always New Depths at first. Blogging wasn’t to popular when I started, I had no experience in the field but I wanted to make a blog so people could understand a little more about me.

N: My dear friend Kwame introduced me to blogging in early 2009.

3. Is there a particular fashion style your blog pertains to?

K: We all have our own perceptions of fashion, however at the end of the day they all somehow correlate to each other in a way to each other in a way that just works for us.
N: Generally we talk about fashion in its whole essence.

4. Who are your favorite celebs/people to feature on your blog?

N: The Olsen twins and other designers.
K: Michael Bastian & Tommy Hilfiger

5. How do you separate yourselves from other fashion bloggers?

K: We have two well-dressed gentleman and Italy’s most stylish girl, where have you seen that before? Frankly, we just stand out on our own, through the way we dress, to the people we associate with.

6. What can we expect from you in the near future?

N: First of all, a great blog re-launch and a lot of new articles and features.
K: Hopefully we can create a magazine someday that will change how people view certain aspects of life, so stay tuned.

August 15, 2010

Interview with EXTRAORDINAIRE New York photographer Mambu Bayoh ++ Pictures

by EkiuwaJ

EkiuwaJMagazine is not just all things ‘Fashion’ or ‘Celeb News’ or just all things ‘Glitz and Glamour’  we’re about all things Fabulous and Creative, and Mambu Bayoh is just that. I’ve done many photo shoots in my days and have met many photographers, but NONE like this before. He doesn’t just capture the person, each and every shoot has a story behind it. One can feel the passion behind his work, he’s devoted and and loves to capture, “The glimpse of life as it happens.” I’ll say no more, the interview and pictures behind this EXTRAORDINAIRE photographer will leave you, wanting to create a little more with of your life with each breath you take.


1. I have a keen eye for photography, but I have YET to see any like yours. Please share the Inspiration behind your photos?

Life. I think it’s more prevalent around us than air. Things, people and animals live. It just happens. We are all fortunate to be alive. No matter what the situation is. Everyone and thing has a life journey and I as a photographer just aim to capture a glimpse of lives as they happen. I’m really like a documentarian. Even fashion mirrors life and life events.

2. What got you started into photography?

A lot of things lead me to pick up a camera. But I would probably say my wanting to. I remember wanting a camera at 16 to take an elective photo class and my mother thought why the heck would you waste a good 400 plus dollars and time on a camera to have fun. You can imagine how African Parents are. Yet I got a job working as a cart boy at the grocery store and walked to work midday to get there by 1 to start work all summer. You can imagine how hot it is in Houston Texas. Yet, when I was able to finally buy my camera and the equipment I was real appreciative of it and wanted to learn it and build. It all just built up my want level. My wanting to learn, work hard, and beat the odds.

3.Who or What’s your inspiration when taking these photos?

First my mother because I don’t want to go back to school. (laughs) but seriously…I think at first it was just the excitement of doing it that had me geeked, but now I think I’ve realized more than anything I’m inspired and excited by the subjects I capture and the places I’m at. I’m a very in the moment kind of person. When I meet someone I want to photograph its like I won’t stop till we do it. I get so inspired by them and their lives and look.

4. What does EkiuwaJMagazine mean to you?

I think the best way to describe your magazine and its meaning to me is by the quote I stole from the sites page, “If NOT Today, Then When? Follow YOUR Dream.” This magazine to me is a symbol of living ones dreams and ambitions regardless of conventional wisdom. Convention is just a gathering of the same minds. A thought becomes weak in a room when it is not challenged. Life’s meant to challenge our conventions and wisdom. This magazine is serving as a tool towards those goals. Keep up the work.

For More information on Mambu Bayou visit is site:



May 3, 2010

Interview with Twin Model and Designers Danielle and Chantelle Piper

by EkiuwaJ

EkiuwaJMagazine had a chance to sit down and converse with the designers behind Kastle Designs and Treasure Chest Jewelry and they talked about what INSPIRED, FAVORITE DESIGNERS and also what it was like to work with such BIG names in the Fashion Industry. Look Familiar? These young ladies have appeared on a number of major television shows such as the Rachael Ray Show, NBC’s the Today Show, and an MTV commercial for Snickers. They have also graced the front cover of League Magazine and David & Young Magazine. AMAZING, right? They’re YOUNG, TALENTED and READY to take on the Fashion world by storm! Let me not ramble on anymore…here is what the girls had to say!

The world would like to know about the designers behind, Kastle Designs and Treasure Chest Jewelry. Tell us?

We are young twin fashion models and designers. Danielle is the fashion designer of Kastle Designs. Chantelle is the designer of Treasure Chest Jewelry.

When did you ladies first KNOW this is what you wanted to do?

We were always into Fashion, however, we FIRST knew that fashion design was a career for us, while in junior high school. We were considered as the Fashion Twins and were always on top of the latest looks and styles. We would provide fashion do’s and don’t tips to our friends. From there on, we attended the high school of Fashion Industries and continues our education at the Fashion Institute of Technology, where we achieved our bachelors degree.

Who and What inspired you ladies to get into the fashion industry?

Our mom is our GREATEST inspiration. While growing up in Africa, our mom use to design and sew our school uniforms. She has always been very supportive.

Who are some top Designers, Celebs, Stylist, Musicians you would LOVE to see your pieces on?

We would love to see the fabulous Beyonce, Taylor Swift, LaToya Luckett, Alicia Keys, Rihanna and Ciara in our fashions.

Danielle what was it like working with such major designers like Maggie Norris and Marchesa’s own Keren Craig and Georgina Chapman and also Chantelle how was it working the accessories showroom for Diane Von Furstenberg, Sevens for All Mankind, and Juicy Couture?

Danielle: It was a pleasure to be in the presence of such talent. I learned so much from both Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig. These ladies are beautiful both inside and out. I was excited when I was chosen to intern at the Maggie Norris Showroom. I adore her designs.

Chantelle: It was a great learning experience and I had so much fun.

What’s your favorite season for fashion?

Every Season is our favorite season. The change of seasons gets us excited about the next collection.
Are you ladies still in school, while working on the lines? We are college graduates  of The Fashion Institute of Technology. We are currently focusing on our career as designers.

Who are some of your favorite designers?

Some of our favorite designers are Alexander McQueen, Coco Chanel, Elsa Schiaparelli, Valentino, Yves Saint Laurent and ChristianLacroix

Where can we find your designs?

You can currently shop for Kastle Designs and Treasure Chest Jewelry on “”.

What does EkiuwaJMagazine mean to you?

EkuiwaJmagazine is a fabulous online magazine that showcases the latest  trends,styles and celebrity news:-)