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July 30, 2011


by EkiuwaJ

One Word: bobbyism

July 25, 2011

Look of the Week: Solange Knowels in the City

by EkiuwaJ

Solange….Solange…Solange *gasp* She’s truly a style inspiration for many.

Pencey – Romper

Opening Ceremony – Shoes

Fendi – Bag

July 20, 2011

Style Pause: Roberta Ukavwe

by EkiuwaJ

Roberta Ukavwe, has been raved about before on our blog , however, its SAFE to say that her style is without thought effortless. When viewing the many looks of Roberta, I think culture, creativity, eclectic and with ease. Her many looks can be found on the COLLECTIVE FASHION CONSCIOUSNESS. site

Roberta’s Color Scheme

Topshop – Midi Skirt

Blouse – Need Supply Co

Diane Von Furstenberg – Wedges

July 20, 2011

Style| Sylvie van der Vaart Coral and Peach Combination

by EkiuwaJ

Sylvie van der Vaart, truly stole my heart when she graced the camera at the RTL Programm press conference with this bright coral jacket +  matching shorts and peach Charlotte Olympia pumps. This look would def go on our TOP 10 Summer looks at the end of the Summer.

Ladies + Gents are we loving this Summer Look?

More Looks when you read more…

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July 18, 2011

Wedding Journey|Ekiuwa’s Bridal Shower 7.17.2011

by EkiuwaJ

I made you all a promise that I would share my journey to marriage, well here is video footage from my Bridal Shower with my favorite Family + Friends. It was such an amazing, fun-filled day. I can’t be more grateful, however, I have to admit the most memorable moment was when my fiance walked in and surprised me with a Beautiful Card + GIFT.

I love that Guy so much! Geesh…


July 18, 2011

Look of the Week: Marianna, the Fashion Blogger from Finland

by EkiuwaJ

EkiuwaJMagazine is an avid reader of Marianna’s Blog, we love the photography, the style tips and the great buys! She’s truly a Classic Inspiration…

Words from the Fashion Blogger —

“I’ve loved maxi skirt-trend for quite a long time now, but I have thought it’s one of those trends that aren’t made for me. Today I decided to ignore the voice telling me that. Sometimes it’s good to wear something out of your comfort zone, break the habits and probably discover something new of yourself. I discovered a free and airy feeling, but not sure whether it was the silky material of the skirt or the rebel inside of me breaking the habits.”

Marianna’s Complete Look:

Skirt – Zara,

Heels – Topshop,

Bag – Aldo,

Watch – Michael Kors

More from Marianna’s Look below…

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July 16, 2011

Solange’s Style Experience

by EkiuwaJ

Whether it be Fall, Summer, Winter or Fall we can always expect for Solange to give us the Ultimate Style Experice every time, I love learning new ways to wear items or new colors that will look well together. When looking at Solange’s many styles what do you like to take away from the experience? What inspires you most about Solange? The Hair? The Clothes? The Boldness? Let us know…

July 14, 2011

What’s Ekiuwa’s Status Update…

by EkiuwaJ


So here is the situation wedding planning + shopping has been on my to-do-list just about every single day. So the blogging everyday has come to me now blogging once a week…not cool right? I know, however there is a little good news with this small break I will keep you all posted every week with details, photos and vlogs of my journey to August 19, 2010! This following weekend is The Bridal Shower, and I’m totally stoked! So I’ll be sure to post photos and looks from that day!



July 5, 2011

Style|This week we’re entering Karla’s Closet

by EkiuwaJ

Karla’s Closet is my favorite GO to Blog for style tips, and daily blog reads, so this week’s look came from Karla’s Closet and her boyfriend look. The neutrals are a definite YES with us. To find out more about Karla’s Compete look, click below. 

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