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June 12, 2011

Bargain Buy |H&M Summer Finds for only $12.95

by EkiuwaJ

So the fiancé and I are shopping in H&M for his outfit for my cousin’s wedding, and I stop in my tracks and see this BEAUTIFUL dress on the mannequin, thoughts run through my mind, I know, I know I said no luxuries because we have a wedding + life after to pay for, but this dress I have to have. He gives me this look and then gives in, okay enough about our little routine. H&M has a Summer Sale going on, beautiful pieces that range from $9.95 – $29.95. They’re all so darling;) You just have to go and buy! I’m all about BEAU finds for a GREAT price.

October 30, 2010

Fashion: Be FAB, Be GLAM, Be YOU with your very OWN Glam-Aholic Tote

by EkiuwaJ

Mia Ray, chief-in-editor of ConfessionsofAGlamaholic has turned her FAB Blog into a REALITY, you ask Just how, huh? Imagine a girl with a dollar and dream, a dream and passion so deep within Fashion that she pushed hard to make it come to life, with her very own line of Glam-Aholic Totes! Confessions of a Glam-Aholic is a BLOG with all things FAB and GLAM, she blogs her latest looks, her take on fashion, trends and how to MIX your fashion Highs with your fashion Lows! Mia surely knows how to take the everyday girl and make HER GLAM! Her tips are amazing!

Recently the Fabulous Mia Ray launched her very own line of Glam totes on October 22, 2010, many are raving and going crazy over this Fab Bag! So why not join in on this amazing conversation, GRAB your very own GLAM Tote now!

Head over to WWW.GLAMAHOLICLIFESTYLE.COM and order yours today for an all low price of $49.99 and get FREE SHIPPING and a Complimentary ‘GLAM-AHOLIC LIFESTYLE” shirt ($20 value). OFFER ENDS Nov. 5th.

Every girl wants GLAM, but how can one be GLAM without their VERY own Glam-Aholic Tote!

October 16, 2010

Random: Still Shots of EkiuwaJ from the Video Giveaway #Silly

by EkiuwaJ

Enjoy the many faces of Ekiuwa J.

I love this flow shirt from H&M, its so darling;)