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September 22, 2011

Which Bangs will you be wearing this Fall? Help me choose!

by EkiuwaJ

So next week I am scheduled to slightly change my look with adding BANGS! Bangs are a girls favorite accessory, well at least for me it is! So bangs are always a BIG discussion for my stylist and I, simply because there are different ways to wear them. You have the option of face-frame bangs, blunt bangs, side swept bangs, layered bangs and many more. These styles above are simple and not so dramatic, in which I love.

Which look are you loving the best? I’m totally in love with Camilla Belle’s bangs!

Me last year with Bangs…I was in LOVE!


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August 22, 2010

Beauty|Kim Kardashian with our without the Bangs?

by EkiuwaJ

With or without the bangs? Are you feeling Kim K’s new look?

FYI: Bangs are always a GREAT accessory, they always GIVE more edge. TRY IT!