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June 16, 2011

Summer Style| MUS Mali Ro SUII Collection

by EkiuwaJ

MUS Mali Romeo new SWII Collection is FINALLY here and more chic than ever, new colors and new styles! Assorted Color Bandage Skirts, Sheer Crop Tanks, Bold-Neon Headbands. The young designer continues to deliver + satisfy her fans year after year! Make sure you readers SHOP Mus Mali Ro TODAY!

To view more of the designs from this collection, read more…

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June 6, 2011

Style|Paper Bag Shorts by AmorebyTinae

by EkiuwaJ

Animal Prints will never go out in my opinion, its something that’s just meant to stay with every occasion…how far is too far? This look is placed together quite well if you ask me. How likely are you to rock this look or something similar?

Last summer I featured Tina Edwina’s entire collection on my blog, what I love about her collection is that it doesn’t have one particular look style she goes with whatever feels right to her and her audience follows. To see more from Tina’s collection click here

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February 2, 2011

Designer Spotlight| reveals her New Eclectic Collection

by EkiuwaJ

(Marie Janae to the far right)

The Native Detroiter, Marie Janae has been the style guru for years with NO RULES. Now living in the City of New York , Marie Janae has her own collection of eclectic wear for men and women handmade especially by the designer herself. The Collection is a true representation of Marie’s amazing personality, it has no limits and cannot be placed in ANY box. On her amazing journey to creating her own line, Marie has worked with many amazing brands and companies. Such as Betsy Johnson and Seventh House PR. Her journey has prepared her for such a time as this one, Marie continues to give her buyers exactly what they need which is her passion and her drive for fashion…and with that involved her collection will never DIE.  Her line is a TRUE reflection of her life, I mean really who wouldn’t want to invest in something so amazing? With the re-launch of her new website showcasing her FULL collection, soon Marie Janae will provide an online store for her buyers to purchase online.

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October 24, 2010

Let’s Talk: NaKIMuli Resort/Shanae Designs are like NEVER before…

by EkiuwaJ

Tennille McMillan designs are DOPE, Awesome and nonetheless Classic. With this collection there’s a combination between Simplicity and BOLD African Designs, from the Dookie Bracelets to the 101 Dress. Her collection is Simply HARD not to love, it’s utterly impossible to just choose only one of my favorite designs and I’m sure it will be the same for you and your crew as well. The Brooklyn born designer started the line in 2008 and then later debuted her second line in 2009, the marvelous collection, Shanae. The Shanae line, according to Tennille McMillan (The Designer), are the basics for the not-so-basic fashionistas. Each garment shapes the female body elegantly with every curve and inch, making each woman feel just a bit sexier. The NaKIMuli line is for the BOLD and Edgy and the Shanae line is the the subtle yet classic women. Tennille McMillan makes sure her complete collection will satisfy every woman, she believes in catering to her ENTIRE audience. With all that her collection offers her prices are JUST right, I mean who can beat $112.oo for a 101 dress and the one-of-a-kind African Print leggings for ONLY $50…her pieces are very versatile!

You’ll find MANY of her designs when you scroll down, don’t fall too deep in love…Oh heck Go RIGHT ahead!