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September 22, 2011

Which Bangs will you be wearing this Fall? Help me choose!

by EkiuwaJ

So next week I am scheduled to slightly change my look with adding BANGS! Bangs are a girls favorite accessory, well at least for me it is! So bangs are always a BIG discussion for my stylist and I, simply because there are different ways to wear them. You have the option of face-frame bangs, blunt bangs, side swept bangs, layered bangs and many more. These styles above are simple and not so dramatic, in which I love.

Which look are you loving the best? I’m totally in love with Camilla Belle’s bangs!

Me last year with Bangs…I was in LOVE!


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May 25, 2011

Carol’s Dauther Launches Monoi Repairing Collection w|Solange, Selita and Cassie

by EkiuwaJ

The new spokeswomen for Carol’s Daughter came out last night to celebrate the new line at Sephora in New York City. The women looked absolutely stunning with their different looks, all of the nude colors are giving me life! I love it.

“Stronger, longer, invincible hair” is the Monoi Repairing Collection’s  Motto, will you be investing in this NEW collection?

Please Visit and for more information.

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December 26, 2010

Hair + Beauty|Wear the PERFECT Bun for the NEW Year

by EkiuwaJ

They’re pretty, dainty, fun and just darling and I love wearing them, Buns have the ability to turn messy hair into pretty hair with just a few touches! So why not try the style for the NEW YEAR? So here’s my plan, I have this awesome fitted Express Bandage dress that fits ever so lovely, and I wanted the perfect hair style to wear with it…hmmm what better than a bun itself! Below I have included many photos of how YOU can rock your FUN Bun. Its chic and so YOU! What girl can’t rick a bun? Try it!

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November 14, 2010

Hair Letter: Dear Rihanna, We’re Loving your Red ‘Fishtail’ Plait

by EkiuwaJ

Okay Rihanna we GET it, the RED is here to stay. Cool, we have learned to accept it for what it is. Many people, including myself wasn’t feeling the red hair, but YOU made it work and now majority of the world loves it. Now how does one do that? This fishtail plait works really well, ekiuwaJmagazine loves it. Wouldn’t myself and my many readers agree that this color and the creativeness she has done with her hair, only look GOOD on Rihanna? I mean I could be wrong, but please share your thoughts?

Over here at EkiuwaJMagazine we’re at this point where we want the RED to last forever. Well maybe not forever, but until Ms. Rihanna gets tired of it…


Lovers of your RED hair.

October 2, 2010

Beauty + Hair: Salma Hayek NEW cut to ‘TRY’ this Fall, Why Not?

by EkiuwaJ

Shoulder Cut, Low Light Tips and Heavy Side Bang … I’m loving every bit of it all. So I’m thinking its Fall and we’re all about reinventing our look yes? So I’m all about the nude colors and my ultimate favorite, boots  and then we have my hair, oh my hair that’s a whole other story. I’ve been searching the net for the ‘perfect’ cut and I think I’ve found its winner! Chic, Blunt and Flowing!

What hair looks are you guys going for the NEW season? Share please!

September 13, 2010

Love or Love Not?| Beyonce leaving Tom Ford Show with New Hair, Like?

by EkiuwaJ

Its Beyonce and with her it can GET a bit wild and crazy, but this new look is…Haute! I can’t lie! I have a thing for Big Hair, but NOT this big for myself. (LoL) This is a style that ONLY she can pull off!

What do you guys think?

Love or Love NOT?

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August 27, 2010

Haute Hair|Jada Pinkett-Smith NEW Hair CUT = FAB

by EkiuwaJ

In our eyes Mrs. Jada Pinkett-Smith can do NO wrong, this cut is by FAR our favorite thus far. Haute Hair, Haute clothes and FAB Shoes! Growing GRACEFULLY and we’re loving every minute of her BEAU Style!

August 22, 2010

Hair Update| Shorter Hair makes me feel…feel JUST RIGHT

by EkiuwaJ

I’m SO over Long extensions, these shorter extensions are, how can I say it? Just RIGHT! I’m feeling really GROWN right now, NEW look, NEW School and NEW Attitude!

What are some of your fav extention looks? I’m curious to know?

August 7, 2010

Hair Update|So I’ve decided to rock the REAL Hair, I love it

by EkiuwaJ


Its EkiuwaJ, okay you guys so I’ve been wearing extensions for the past hmmm…3 months or so now and right before I put them in I decided to get my hair cut, I wanted a more edgy short look. This is my first REAL time rocking this cut, and I love it! My stylist/sister cut my hair into an edgy bob. After being scared to reveal my new look, I can truly say its GROWING on me! However, won’t sit here and say that I don’t miss my extensions, because I do. Oh so deeply!

Do you love it?



June 6, 2010

Beauty How to|How to achieve YOUR own Chignon with a few EASY steps

by EkiuwaJ

Messy, yet modern, and ever girl should know how to perfect the Chignon. Its effortless and affordable and can be done in the comfort of your own home!

Ted Gibson shows How to Style a Modern Chignon with simple tools, great saturation, flat irons a bungee and your HANDS!

Simple right? , yes I said the same!

Before the end of this video, you should have this look perfected! Simple, Messy and Fun, Have Fun!