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October 30, 2010

Fashion: Be FAB, Be GLAM, Be YOU with your very OWN Glam-Aholic Tote

by EkiuwaJ

Mia Ray, chief-in-editor of ConfessionsofAGlamaholic has turned her FAB Blog into a REALITY, you ask Just how, huh? Imagine a girl with a dollar and dream, a dream and passion so deep within Fashion that she pushed hard to make it come to life, with her very own line of Glam-Aholic Totes! Confessions of a Glam-Aholic is a BLOG with all things FAB and GLAM, she blogs her latest looks, her take on fashion, trends and how to MIX your fashion Highs with your fashion Lows! Mia surely knows how to take the everyday girl and make HER GLAM! Her tips are amazing!

Recently the Fabulous Mia Ray launched her very own line of Glam totes on October 22, 2010, many are raving and going crazy over this Fab Bag! So why not join in on this amazing conversation, GRAB your very own GLAM Tote now!

Head over to WWW.GLAMAHOLICLIFESTYLE.COM and order yours today for an all low price of $49.99 and get FREE SHIPPING and a Complimentary ‘GLAM-AHOLIC LIFESTYLE” shirt ($20 value). OFFER ENDS Nov. 5th.

Every girl wants GLAM, but how can one be GLAM without their VERY own Glam-Aholic Tote!

October 27, 2010

Hair+ Beauty: New York’s very own Socialite, Becka Diamond

by EkiuwaJ

New York Socialite Becka Diamond hair, style,  and her attitude, all of it fits her and ONLY her. You may have seen her front row at fashion show or on the streets of NYC,  but just know her hair is always a mess, and we mean that in a very good way. Her hair is defined as edgy, chic and bold. There are many cuts a girl can choose from, but this grungy, messy, layered cut fits Becka just right, we love a style that’s new and fresh, but still has that messy look.

I say, “Even when your hair is finished, it still isn’t finished.”


October 25, 2010

Just Jamie Giveaway: Wrap it up this Fall/Winter…with a Just Jamie Scarf of course

by EkiuwaJ

Great News, the Just Jamie scarf Giveaway has been extended until this Friday 7pm/c! So here are some GREAT ways our GREAT winner can wear their amazing Just Jamie Scarf! Your favorite celebs rock their scarves so amazingly, so why not you? Scroll down to view more looks!

To see the many scarves that are in the Giveaway then click here.

October 24, 2010

Teen Vogue Fashion University 2010: Fashion Students come out for H&M’s Shopping Party

by EkiuwaJ

Fashion Students, Shopping, and H&M? I mean what better words than that GREAT combo right there? Well last night (October 23) Teen Vogue first held an amazing informative seminar at the The Hudson Theatre  in New York City. There was many guest speakers present that informed many fashion students on blogging, marketing seminars, hands-on workshop, design contests, concerts, private shopping events and lectures from industry insiders. This is the 6th Annual Teen Vogue Fashion University (TVFU) to take place. October 23rd was the kick off day for Teen Vogue’s Fashion University, so if you are in the Metro New York area and are into fashion blogging, designing, or your into styling this event is RIGHT for you.

Speakers Included: Designer Vera Wang, Zac Posen, Jenna Lyons, Jason Wu, Rachel Roy, Alexis Bittar, Susan Hilferty, Richard Chai, Prabal Gurung, Kristin Burrows, Erin Fetherston, Anna Wintour and MANY OTHER Bloggers and Designers.

More updates to come….♥


October 24, 2010

Let’s Talk: NaKIMuli Resort/Shanae Designs are like NEVER before…

by EkiuwaJ

Tennille McMillan designs are DOPE, Awesome and nonetheless Classic. With this collection there’s a combination between Simplicity and BOLD African Designs, from the Dookie Bracelets to the 101 Dress. Her collection is Simply HARD not to love, it’s utterly impossible to just choose only one of my favorite designs and I’m sure it will be the same for you and your crew as well. The Brooklyn born designer started the line in 2008 and then later debuted her second line in 2009, the marvelous collection, Shanae. The Shanae line, according to Tennille McMillan (The Designer), are the basics for the not-so-basic fashionistas. Each garment shapes the female body elegantly with every curve and inch, making each woman feel just a bit sexier. The NaKIMuli line is for the BOLD and Edgy and the Shanae line is the the subtle yet classic women. Tennille McMillan makes sure her complete collection will satisfy every woman, she believes in catering to her ENTIRE audience. With all that her collection offers her prices are JUST right, I mean who can beat $112.oo for a 101 dress and the one-of-a-kind African Print leggings for ONLY $50…her pieces are very versatile!

You’ll find MANY of her designs when you scroll down, don’t fall too deep in love…Oh heck Go RIGHT ahead!

October 23, 2010

Beauty + FUN: Give your nails a little ‘Matte’ Paint Job this Fall, Who doesn’t love that dull look?

by EkiuwaJ

When thinking of the Fall, I think of all the beautiful coloring I can try on my nails every two weeks…recently the only thing that has been on my mind is the lovely dull look of matte coating on top of my polish! Matte Polish has been a HUGE trend for quite some time now, and I think its safe to say that the “Trend” is here to stay.

There’s no lie, I love the soft smooth look of my nails after they are freshly polished with a beautiful shade of O.P.I or Essie or my classic French manicure…but trying something NEW has never been a crime, right? Hey its the Fall, try something new! I’ve even seen a few ladies do a combination of the two, matte and shiny!

Here are some Matte polishes you can try, (This is a coating, its not mixed within the polish. Just a Matte Coding over the nail polish.)

O.P.I Matte Colors (Matte Coating comes mixed in with OPI colors listed below.)

Opi Matte Lincoln Park After Dark

OPI Matte Gargantuan Green Grape

OPI Matte You Don’t Know Jacques

OPI Matte La Paz-itively Hot


October 22, 2010

Something is Awkwardly Different about Kim K, but WE LOVE IT ♥

by EkiuwaJ

For the past couple of days, Socialite/entrepreneur Kim Kardashians has been celebrating her Fabulous 30th Birthday party, some in California and in NYC. I mean come on, 30th NEVER looked better! The Kardashian sister is looking a little different each day, I’m not sure what it is EXACTLY, but WE’RE LOVING IT!

Kim Kardashian heads to Cipriani restaurant in NYC.

Do you know what it is?

I’m thinking fuller eyebrows, and fuller lips No?! Either way, its more than flattering on her!

October 21, 2010

Love the Look: Khabirah Again, YES! Khabirah from gave us the COMPLETE Look Today

by EkiuwaJ

Today before heading to the salon, I was stopped in my tracks by my sister’s amazing ensemble! Such a soft look with fabulous free flowing hair that reminds me so much of, “The L.A. Girl.” She had the complete look and I just had to feature her in the magazine, what I love about this look is that it’s UBER girly. Whether its her heading out to go shopping or her heading out to enjoy a night in the CITY, she’s always FAB! We live, We Love! ♥

To find out her complete look, scroll to the bottom…


Jacket: H&M Collarless Jacket

Shirt: H&M

Jeans: Guess by Marciano

Shoes: Aldo

Purse: CYPHERT Handbag from Aldo

Accessories: Gold Snake Bebe, Gold and Orange Bracelet H&M, Loose Leaf Necklace Streets in Soho, Earrings from African Festival

October 21, 2010

All Black Everything: He’s a V-neck, Fitted Jeans, Clarks /Ralph Lauren Boot kind of Guy…

by EkiuwaJ

All black everything, I mean you can’t go wrong, with guys its easy to shop. They only need basic essential pieces, nice combination of Tee’s (preferably V-Necks), Nice Jeans, and of course many fly shoes and a host of accessories.

His style is simplistic, and just right. He has no limitations when shopping, he shops vintage to Armani Exchange. His motto, “Whatever looks good and I like it, then I’ll wear it. Its not about the price or the label.”

Love to see guys that can go without wearing sneakers for long periods of times, he says, “Clarks, Ralph Lauren, Levis and many more style shoes are what I like to wear. I guess over the years I’ve grown out of sneakers.”

Shirt: Armani Exchange

Tie: H&M

Jeans: H&M

Shoes: Clarks

Watch: Armani Exchange

Visit his Poetry Site…

October 20, 2010

ShockBoutique ask, “If you are going to shop, why not shop the LOOK?”

by EkiuwaJ

Shockboutique emulates Kim K’s style and have the pieces available for you online to purchase right now! Why not look haute as your favorite celeb/model? says, “If you are going to shop, why not shop the LOOK?”

Head over to ShockBoutique right now to get this complete look for less of course!