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July 16, 2011

Solange’s Style Experience

by EkiuwaJ

Whether it be Fall, Summer, Winter or Fall we can always expect for Solange to give us the Ultimate Style Experice every time, I love learning new ways to wear items or new colors that will look well together. When looking at Solange’s many styles what do you like to take away from the experience? What inspires you most about Solange? The Hair? The Clothes? The Boldness? Let us know…

May 18, 2011

Style Guide|Solange Color Blocking DONE Right

by EkiuwaJ

I’ve seen much color blocking done lately, but Solange I’d have to say, Job well done! She took a bright neon-orange color with a subtle pastel color blue and finished it with a nude color pump + a leopard print.  Have you tried your color blocking yet? I’m excited to try mine this coming summer, trying a wide variety! 

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