Would You Rock It?|The Kardashian’s takes Miami, New York, and now SEARS

by EkiuwaJ

I think we all could agree that the Kardashians has COMPLETELY taken over the Style Department for all things women yes? Well over at ekiuwaJmagzine we’d like to thinks so.  The Kardashians latest venture is their NEW line at Sears, yes Sears. The complete collection will be available for purchase August 2011, the girls have been working hard towards this line, as Khloe mention on her on blog. 

What type of pieces are you ladies looking to see in their collection? 

For how to sign up to GET Exclusive Details on their collection, read more…

Khloe writes, “Head over to www.sears.com/Kardashian to sign up! I’ve included some pics from a recent meeting we had in San Francisco about the collection and I stole some of Kourt’s pics as well. Thanks, Kourt!” Via Khloe’s Blog


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