Fashion: Toronto Street Style Photography by Leeeamor

by Leeeamor

Ruggish is the new femme. We love this look courtesy of Cora Poon. We recently explored the alleys of Toronto’s Fashion District, where graffiti and other urban street masterpieces were prevalent. Cora describes her style ass “tom boy ruggish with a hint a feminine flare.”

Backpack- Urban Outfitters
Shoes- H&M
Vest- Garage Clothing (Canada)
Jacket- Urban Outfitters
Knitted Scarf- H&M
Tube scarf- Aritzia (Canada)



2 Comments to “Fashion: Toronto Street Style Photography by Leeeamor”

  1. There are some real fashion forwardness in Toronto, but US stands out more. Great photography btw <3!

  2. Love the photoshoot and her style is very hip. I like her shoes but had never considered wearing a pair until seeing them on her. I like how the socks are visible, which are a good idea because for people like me with skinny ankles socks would add the necessary bit of volume so that our ankles wouldn’t appear so skinny.

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