Item of the week: Khabirah from rocks ALDO ‘CYPHERT’ Handheld Bag

by EkiuwaJ

A weekend full of shopping one is bound to find so many Fall FAB pieces yes? Yes, you’re right! My sister ( and I were shopping and we “SO” happened to stop in Aldo and instantly fell in love with this FAB handbag that was retailed at such an awesome price! Its the CYPHERT bag and it comes in three darling colors, which include Tan, Burnt Orange, and Black!

The bag has such a RICH feel, she had to grab all three!

“Nosiz” Handheld Bag



5 Comments to “Item of the week: Khabirah from rocks ALDO ‘CYPHERT’ Handheld Bag”

  1. I saw this bag in Marie Claire and immediately went to the website to check it out. I was informed by a representative that they aren’t sure when the bag will be available online. :=((( I will definitely be buying it in one or two colors, it’s such a FAB for those of us who aren’t able to splurge on the Hermes Kelly.

  2. This bag does not stay closed.

  3. So happy you guys have an image of someone holding it by the handle and not using the shoulder strap like it is on the Aldo website. I needed a more accurate depiction so thanks! It looks so fab! I love this bag, just asked for it for a Christmas gift!

  4. Just found your blog and love it! I was just on Aldo website and they have this bag in like 6 colors. I am loving the bone and red! Tooooo cute!

  5. Would you be willing to sell thus bag?

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