Here’s our 5 Fall Must Haves

by EkiuwaJ

#1 Shoulder Pad Blazer (how can one truly go wrong with this), blazers are GREAT accessories they can be worn with JUST about anything. When buying your blazer think of solid coloring. something subtle but not too bright. Remember blazers can be worn back to back with different looks, but it’ll look different EVERY TIME!

#2 Boy  Friend Jean or Skinny Jeans or heck why not both?! These can be worn with V-Necks, Sheer Blouses, Blazers and my ULTIMATE FAV Crop Tops! We showcasing pieces can can be worn with just about ANYTHING!

#3 Oxford’s someone recently emailed me and asked me how to dress these up? I rambled on for about 10 mins or so, but to sum it all up right now…Skirts, dress, leggings, Unitards,  jeans! I just give the suggestions, your the STYLIST and you are free to dress it up anyway YOU WANT!

#4 CROP tops *Screams 90’s* Many would say Crop Tops just made its come back, I say they NEVER left. It’s just that the mainstream are falling more and more in love with them. Okay that besides the point, to make this more simple, crop tops can be worn with anything on this list!

#5 We love the, all BIG, SMALL, Clutch and Medium, in my opinion VERSATILE is the way to go, some girl (Like Myself) Hate changing bags, it takes a lot out of us, so get a bad that can be worn over the shoulder, across, and arm held. It’s just more convenient, In my opinion.

…and then we have the MAYBE either you can or won’t, but that’s okay with us! A Boot of some sort won’t be a BAD idea, heel boot, flat boot, or wedge boot, someone somehow you’ll find a way to make them look GOOD with everything, why? Because YOU ARE YOU!

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