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July 30, 2010

Fashion| So I tried a little ‘Denim on Denim’ and I’d do it AGAIN…

by EkiuwaJ

After reading tons and tons of magazines, I thought heck why not try Denim on Denim? I loved it! And what many fail to realize is that the denims do not ALWAYS have to match!

Denim Vest-Vintage

White V-Neck-Target

Jeans- Old Navy


Bag- LV Speedy 35

July 30, 2010

Buy to Try|I’m Forever ‘Innocent’ by Essie

by EkiuwaJ

So while at the salon in Williamsburg, Brooklyn this weekend, I discovered a color that I fell MADLY in love with…and that color is ‘Innocent’ by Essie. Its subtle, classic and so ME and could be YOU too!

Mani + Pedi = Relaxation Time and Magazine Time! Inspiration at its BEST!