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July 15, 2010

Love or Love Not?|Jill Wagner at the 2010 ESPY Awards

by EkiuwaJ

Love or Love Not?

July 15, 2010

Beauty|Volumize your hair with NO HEAT Necessary

by EkiuwaJ

Hair’s not BIG enough? Then we’ll fix that right now! Here are a few tips that will help you achieve that VOLUMIZED look you’ve always wanted…

1. Make sure hair is product free, no need for any moisturizers at this point. ONLY a leave in conditioner will do.

2. No HEAT NECESSARY, Grab all of your hair and pull it to the crown area of your head and twist it into a tight bun. The tighter the bun the more curls you’ll achieve.

3.Also try a holding Spray that will hold the curls in place.

4. Make sure you have a wide tooth comb or you can also use your fingers, hold your head upside down and comb the downward and as you lift don’t life slowly, lift fast to achieve.

No Pomade, or Wax Necessary!